I've found my stall speed

It happens from time to time. Other family things that need dealing with, work, having a family break, they all need doing once in a while. So I've not had a massive progression of the manuscript for Benjamin Sorrow in the last week or so.  It seems like I melted my brain when I was away for my writing weekend.

I have crept forward to 70k words though and am now trying to work out the big "reveal" introducing the main protagonist proper and all that guff.

This weekend was fun though, we went to the Ramsey Steam and Vintage weekend and our 2 year old was beside him self when he saw the steam trains and engines. Got a future in Steampunk and sci-fi all lined up for him :)  For the first time in my life (now I know why I'd not done it before) I went on a mechanical bull! "Grip with your thighs" the woman said. "There are muscles there?" I said the next morning!

I managed a whole 23 seconds the first time, then 25 seconds the second time. Dead proud for a first time, even if I knew deep down that it was a poor time. I held the daily record for all of about 30 minutes. We walked past the machine later and someone had done 77 seconds, so, meh.

Ooh, I had the cover design concepts back from the designer last week. Got a bit of work to do on them, so as soon as I've settled on the design I'll let you have a sneak preview (that's assuming anyone is actually reading this blog?).

A Word Count Update

I did an update on the word count chart after I came back from my writers retreat, but forgot to upload it anywhere.  So here it is:


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