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4th and final edit?

Phew! It's taken a while, but I "think" I've finished editing! I'm still a perfectionist, so could easily go back and do another edit ... then another ... I need to know when to stop Any advice here would be appreciated! I've been writing my first novel for about 2 years now and just don't know when to let it go. I've got another BETA reader lined up, so will let them take a look and see what they think. My problem now is, will I ever be happy with my own work? Maybe I am happy with it? But I can just keep seeing ways to change the story and keep turning it into something a little different each time. Does anyone else have this problem? When do you stop and call it a day, let your editor have it and move on?  I have lots of ideas for other books (which I think I've mentioned in other posts) and am keen to try something else now.  I'm sure my editors and publisher will come up with plenty of changes, but I have to remember that this