4th and final edit?

Phew! It's taken a while, but I "think" I've finished editing! I'm still a perfectionist, so could easily go back and do another edit ... then another ...

I need to know when to stop

Any advice here would be appreciated! I've been writing my first novel for about 2 years now and just don't know when to let it go. I've got another BETA reader lined up, so will let them take a look and see what they think. My problem now is, will I ever be happy with my own work? Maybe I am happy with it? But I can just keep seeing ways to change the story and keep turning it into something a little different each time.

Does anyone else have this problem? When do you stop and call it a day, let your editor have it and move on?  I have lots of ideas for other books (which I think I've mentioned in other posts) and am keen to try something else now. 

I'm sure my editors and publisher will come up with plenty of changes, but I have to remember that this is my first book, it ain't gonna be perfik! That's my problem, I don't like doing things unless they are! So pending any disastrous feedback from BETA's, I'll be submitting the manuscript at the end of this week or the start of next week.

I've then got to spend some time looking at the jacket blurb, that's even harder than writing the novel. 

If anyone reading this is interested in a BETA read, let me know at http://www.benjamin-sorrow.co.uk/contact


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