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My review of the new QuietOn Sleep earplugs

A few years ago I purchased a pair of QuietOn noise-cancelling earplugs from an Indigogo campaign. They work really well and I still use them today. The main problem with them is that they are too large to sleep with. This was the main reason for buying them, to cut down on snoring noises from our dog and "other family members". I soon realised that I could sleep with just one earbud in, the ear that is not pressed into the pillow, but this only has an effect that is good for blocking outside noises (meaning the local cockerels and dogs). The reduced effectiveness is too much to handle the low-frequency sounds associated with snoring. Enter QuietOn Sleep, the new, improved earbuds (that were a little overdue) that promised to be designed for sleeping. The company had taken all the comments and criticism from the first product and produced a unit that was even smaller and had better acoustic properties. This seemed like it would be ideal, and I looked forward to the day th