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Getting my Bits Mixed up

Wow, what a "fun" day today was!  Started off fine working on a project that we've got 3 months to finish, then bang out of the blue, a system which has been working for several years without intervention started to play up.  The code is sooo old it wasn't rebuildable (without going back and setting up some seriously legacy development tools), so the only option was to look at building a quick replacement.  That turned out to be pretty easy, but getting some of the PDF components installed on Windows 7 (bearing in mind that they were legacy too) was pull-the-hair-out-of-your-bum-cheeks stressful!  Working on a 64-bit system and using 32-bit DLLs caught me out this time, the buggers! So what started out as a nice development Monday morning, turned into a hell of code migration. On a lighter note, I've just seen the trailer for Apollo 18 :)  Really?  REALLY?! I am looking forward to The Hangover Part II although I have low expectations on this sequel. How ca

Blogger on Android

Well have just installed Blogger on my HTC Desire running Android. Hopefully this will encourage me to blog a bit more!

1 Week to Oz

Well it's about time I kept up to date with a Blog, been meaning to do it for years.  I start one, then never update it.  Lets see if 2011 can be different! Firstly, congratulations to NASA and the crew of Discovery on a near fault-less launch.  Just watched the Post-launch briefing, good job guys.  Will be watching R2 with interest to see how he ("he" has a gender) gets on over the coming months. Secondly, only 1 week until I take the 24 flight to Australia to see my best buddy, and long time drinking parter! Flying with Etihad for the first time, have high hopes.  Gonna make it to the Future Music Festival 2011 in Melbourne, really looking forward to that.  Heard Zane Lowe say on the radio last night, he's off for 3 weeks, yeah and will hopefully see him in Oz!  (Not personally, I'm not THAT well connected!) Also going to check out the Food and Wine festival and possibly Moomba?  Bring it on! What else ... Going to have to do a complete redesign on