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Wait? What? An update?! (From Patreon)

Hey Everyone Yes, this is an update ... within a week or so of my last one! Will wonders never cease? Seriously though, this is an attempt to be more interactive with you. This week If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen that I've been posting updates about word counts recently:  I'm found some drive to work on The Oracle and the Fedora , which I started a few years back after lunch with some friends. Random titles were thrown around, and I bagsied that one for myself. An idea immediately sprang from it, and I'd started writing it on Wattpad, with the intention of it being "read as I went". This worked for a while until I got really stuck into The Lichfield Ice Cream King (now with final beta readers!), but then I decided that it would fit nicely into a world that I was developing inside another novel. That one has proved to be a struggle, but the Fedora story has grabbed my attention now, and won't let go. So The Oracle and the Fedora is now

New Year Catchup, Patreon and Writing!

Hey Wordplayers! I truly hope you all had a great holiday and New Years, whatever you were doing. I took the time to spend Christmas (as I do every year) with the family, and decompress from the year a little. I'm lucky that our company closes from just before Christmas Eve and doesn't come back until the New Year, so it was a nice long break from work. I did complete NaNoWriMo 2019, coming in at just over 50k words, and looking at the statistics from previous years I seem to have a consistent pattern of writing. Getting off to a flying start and getting ahead of the targets, then keeping ahead until about the 3rd week and then falling behind a little, with a final push at the end. I think writing solidly for 3 weeks just wipes me out, not taking weekends off etc. Regardless, I did it again! That's three years in a row now that I've completed a fifty-thousand-word first draft manuscript! The sci-fi novel I started for this NaNo has potential, but I need to sit dow