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Now available ... everywhere (almost)

It looks like the distributors have got the cogs well and truly turning now. Amazon , Waterstones , BooksEtc and some others are now selling the paperback and eBook on their sites. I'm just waiting on my printed copies, so I can give them to friends and family, the competition winner ( enter now if you haven't ) and sell signed copies on my website (at some point in the near future). If you want to read the first chapter online now, you can have a look here: Here's a bit of the first chapter: ‘Come on!’     ‘No.’     ‘Come on!’     ‘No!’     ‘You mis’rable bastard! I’ve got money; no good for you is it?’ slurred Borell.     ‘Look, you’ve had more drink than you can clearly handle. Folk are leaving ’cause of you,’ said the bartender, keeping a cool head.     ‘Kiss mine, there are other —’     Borell came to, lying face down on the icy cold autumn pavement outside the pub. The bartender clearly knew how to dea