Now available ... everywhere (almost)

It looks like the distributors have got the cogs well and truly turning now. Amazon, Waterstones, BooksEtc and some others are now selling the paperback and eBook on their sites.

I'm just waiting on my printed copies, so I can give them to friends and family, the competition winner (enter now if you haven't) and sell signed copies on my website (at some point in the near future).

If you want to read the first chapter online now, you can have a look here:

Here's a bit of the first chapter:

‘Come on!’
    ‘Come on!’
    ‘You mis’rable bastard! I’ve got money; no good for you is it?’ slurred Borell.
    ‘Look, you’ve had more drink than you can clearly handle. Folk are leaving ’cause of you,’ said the bartender, keeping a cool head.
    ‘Kiss mine, there are other —’
    Borell came to, lying face down on the icy cold autumn pavement outside the pub. The bartender clearly knew how to deal with problem customers. Slowly getting to his knees, rubbing a sore and bleeding head, he could feel the extent of his forceful ejection from the pub in his lower back.
    ‘You have been keeping yourself busy, I see,’ said a voice, towering over him. A tall, silhouetted gentleman wearing a bowler and distinguished clothes was taking a drag from a silver-piped cigarette holder that glinted in the warm light from the gas-powered street lights.
    ‘I can offer you somewhere more comfortable to kneel if you can tear yourself away from the pavement, Borell,’ he said.
    Borell let out a painful breath. ‘You have me at a dis’vantage, sir.’
    ‘We have a mutual acquaintance, which is all I’ll say for now.’ The silhouetted man dropped the cigarette from the holder. ‘We have a job that requires your particular skills. There is a warm bed, pay and all the beer you can drink waiting for you —’ he chuckled ‘— if you complete this task for us.’
    The silhouetted man faded in and out of view as Borell's eyes slowly succumbed to his severe intoxication. He managed two words before passing out completely.
    ‘Why not?’

If this sounds like your cup of (insert favorite beverage here), then you can read the rest of the chapter on my website, or buy the book and read the whole gosh darn thing!


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