Second Edit

I'm not enjoying the editing process as much as I did the writing process, but it's all new so still exciting in its own way.

My wife has read my first edit and added her own comments, suggestions and feedback. It was certainly a worthwhile exercise, as it highlighted a thinking issue (of mine) that I hadn't really thought about before (pun intended?). There are things I've written about in the manuscript that I assume the reader knows about, purely because "I" know about it and hadn't written it down for them to consume yet.

These aren't major things, but it's just a thing I needed to learn about my writing style. Some inconsistencies need to be addressed, apparently my tense is a little here and there. So I'm now trying to find time to go through all my wife's notes and begin the second edit proper. I've got the afternoon off work tomorrow (catching up on time owed from working at the weekend) to progress as much as I can.

Once that is done, then my wife wants to read it again without thinking about editing, she seemed to quite enjoy the book! I noticed there were whole chapters that had no notes or edits on, those were the ones with all the action. Maybe I'm better at writing action than dialog? Which is something else I need to work on. I've discovered that dialog is difficult to write for one of my characters, the rest seem fine. This one seems to be a muddle of structure and language. I think I need to have a conversation with him and see how he really speaks.

Once that edit is done and re-read, it's off to the editors. Then it'll be a waiting game to get that back and go through their edits and suggestions!

Anyway, things are going well. The cover artwork is being finalized and I hope to get that back this week or next. I'll update the site and Blog it when I have it back and finished.


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