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New Year Catchup, Patreon and Writing!

Hey Wordplayers! I truly hope you all had a great holiday and New Years, whatever you were doing. I took the time to spend Christmas (as I do every year) with the family, and decompress from the year a little. I'm lucky that our company closes from just before Christmas Eve and doesn't come back until the New Year, so it was a nice long break from work. I did complete NaNoWriMo 2019, coming in at just over 50k words, and looking at the statistics from previous years I seem to have a consistent pattern of writing. Getting off to a flying start and getting ahead of the targets, then keeping ahead until about the 3rd week and then falling behind a little, with a final push at the end. I think writing solidly for 3 weeks just wipes me out, not taking weekends off etc. Regardless, I did it again! That's three years in a row now that I've completed a fifty-thousand-word first draft manuscript! The sci-fi novel I started for this NaNo has potential, but I need to sit dow