Going great guns

So far so good. I managed about 3000 words yesterday afternoon in about 3 and a bit hours. I had to have a break for dinner!

It turns out that there is a wedding reception here today (Saturday) and the main hall is set out for the evening disco. The Baronial hall, which is where I got married and had our wedding breakfast is all set out for the happy couple today ... who I have no idea about.

I've been told they will be arriving from about 2pm onwards, so guess there'll be plenty of people to chat to later (probably not the best thing for writing!). So I apologise in advance for the crashing of the party tonight if it's your wedding!

I did have a slight issue with the room, but as always the staff here are more than helpful. I had been given one of the rooms in the main building, which shows it's age in the decoration and creaking floor boards. But they have character and it's nice. Unfortunately when I walked into the room yesterday to unpack, it was REALLY warm in there. I opened all the windows and spotted two floor standing fans ... a sign maybe?

Anyway, I ventilated the room as much as I could but there was no airflow (even with the fans). Come bed time, it was just as hot even though outside was cooling down quickly. 4am came around before I managed to get to sleep when the room cooled off enough to be comfy.  I hate fans blowing on me in the night and they aren't new Dyson jobbies, but old noisy caged beasts, so that didn't help.

I spoke to the staff this morning and they moved me to one of the modern rooms further away from the main house ... with air conditioning!! Awesome!  The room is cooler anyway, so probably won't need it. It is smaller but I don't need a huge room anyway, so am a happy camper again.

We're forcast for thunder and lightning today, but at the moment it is a beautiful day outside, and a bit too bright to see the laptop screen, so am back in the lounge drinking coffee.

Oh, I had a chat with the Manager this morning, who was the manager on the weekend that we got married here. I remembered him, but (not surprisingly) he didn't remember me. We had a chat about books and writing, and wished me luck with the novel. Must remember to send Paul Williamson a signed copy when I get them :)

Right, break over, back to those pesky airships!


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