Weekly Ramblings

Our New (Still pending) Arrival

Only a week to go until Son number two should make an appearance. If he has his Grannies timekeeping skills, we'll see him sometime in July! Things feel a lot more relaxed this time around, all our bags are packed and in the car; the car seat is in ready and MP3s loaded on to the generic MP3 player, hospital on speed dial. Son number one said baby this morning and pointed at mummy's tummy. Well he's not quite two, but knows where the new baby is at least. We've got his present from his new brother to wrap and put in the car yet, so he doesn't feel pushed out when his little bro starts getting lots of mummy's attention.

Book Progress

I'm up to 46,472 words as of today! We had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, even though the weather forecast was for rain and clouds, we actually had lots of sunshine and a bit of a sprinkling here and there. I managed to finish a chapter or two and evolved a big part of the plot, so am happy.

Other ramblings

Since our in-laws dog demolished our chicken run fence last week (and part of a chicken) I've had to put up a more substantial fence in it's place. We had one of the Omlet fences up, which is fine for our Newfoundland who couldn't care less about the chickens, but her sister decided chicken was for dinner and stripped it of most of its chest feathers. They're designed to keep chickens IN not dogs OUT. Fortunately, apart from a traumatized chicken or two, they're fine. We now have a nice chicken wire fence with a proper gate, which just makes life easier.

Future Niceties

My amazing and fantastic wife, apart from giving me another son in the forthcoming weeks, has also told me what she's getting for my birthday next month. A weekend away from her and the kids!! It's actually a good idea and very generous of her. I'm going to go to Highgate House, the place we were married, for two nights to get on and write my novel without distraction. It's a very comfortable environment to sit and work. They have plenty of rooms in different styles, a lovely garden and all the free hot drinks and WiFi I can consume. They also have a great menu in their restaurant, full English breakfast and a bar. We have been there several times since getting married, so hope the staff don't wonder why I'm there by myself!


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