On the way home

The trip back to the airport was emotional. Been 8 months since I've seen my bestest buddy, now won't see him again for another 5 months all going well! Managed to get to the airport with just enough time to spare.

Didn't get my GST refund as my name got called to go to the gate whilst I was in the queue. Took a few minutes to get there and thought they'd started boarding early. Went to the gate and they wanted to check some extra details, like "did I have checked luggage" and "have you come from somewhere other than Melbourne". Wasn't sure why they wanted to know, but I got my proper boarding cards and a seat at the front of the boarding queue :)

Flight took off on time, 13 and a half hours to Abu Dhabi. Oh, the in-flight entertainment is bust! Seems to be all the seats on the right side of the plane. An hour in and its still not working. Just need to pop down to the servers and give it a restart :) Probably runs Windoze!

They had to reboot! Lol Just got a blank screen with a cursor now. Hoping for a screenshot ... Didn't happen. Never mind. On with the boring films to pass the time. Driver is up first, Dwayne "the rock" Johnson in some sort of vengeance/blow shit up film.


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