4 days to go!

Hair cut, travelling shoes bought, am all set for Saturday's flight.  Still feel like I'm forgetting something ... nope can't think of it, am sure it'll come to me on the drive to the airport!

Got all my post-it's stuck to my monitors to remind me to do things. Get passport out of the Safe, get hair cut (check), order currency (check), buy walking shoes (check) etc etc.

Was supposed to be having an all day dev meeting today, but that's been postponed until Thursday, got plenty to be doing before I go!  My dad's coming over with his new Dell laptop tomorrow night, need to get stuff copied off the old one which the LCD died on.  Shame really, 3 and a half years old and the screen dies, I've had my Dell Inspiron 8600 for nearly 7 years, worst that's happened is there is a small crack on the case (our fault).

Ah well, lunch over, back to the grindstone :)


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