The waiting game

Hey, it's been a while (again). I've been busy going over the edits from the publisher, and we've finally finished them!

It's back to them now for the Quality Check, which will hopefully pick up anything everyone else has missed. I should have that back in late January, so will wait and see what that turns up.

Otherwise, the manuscript is looking great! Just need to relax now and enjoy Christmas with the family!

Oh, and if you want something else to read (if you're even reading this), check out my wattpad and the story I've started to write on there. It's unfinished, and in progress. So sign up for free and you'll get notified every time I add a new chapter. I'm trying to write one chapter a week, but don't hold me to that!

I'm also working on a new manuscript, so these little side stories help me to experiment with ideas and writing styles.


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