3rd Edit complete!

Yay! Finally I've finished editing the 3rd draft of my manuscript!

It's down to about 75,300 words now, so have dropped a fair chunk (was 81,000) out of the book. There are some bits I would have liked to have kept in, or expanded on, but I think I need to listen to my publisher on this (being my first book and all) and keep the work count lower.

I've clearly got some material that could be used as "Bonus material" on the website once the book is released, so maybe have to think about that in the future.

Beta Readers

I'm still looking for beta readers and have just put a post on GoodReads in their Beta Readers groups to see if anyone is interested. Would be good to have someone other than a friend read it, they would be much more likely to give me honest feedback/criticism. If you're reading this and want to read the 3rd draft, get in touch at my website.

Once I've had a little feedback, it's off to the editors for their review and then we start the final stages of publication. Eeeek, it's scary now. Still about 9 months away from publication, but that will fly by!


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