Wow, It's been a long time!

Hi all,

It looks like my last blog post was almost 2 years ago. I was waiting to take my wife to hospital for the birth of our first child.

We're almost in the same place, waiting on the birth of number 2 (so far nameless). Got a month to go this time though, so thought it was about time to resurrect the blog.


I've been pushing my writing a lot more recently and am about a third of the way through my first draft of my Novel manuscript. What a steep climb this hill is!  It's a fun and enjoyable process, building a fantasy world, creating characters, finding a publisher etc.

I've built up a relationship with Rowanvale Books who are based in Swansea and will be using them for publishing when I get to that stage. I think I've got about another 60-80K words write yet, but I am sure this will vary a little when I get farther down the road.

I've now got the website registered (well have had it registered for a while) and a site up now. You can find this at:

Benjamin Sorrow

There is a contact form on there which will enable me to update you directly when the book is ready. Also, if you'd like to be considered for a Beta Reader, you can register your interest here too. The site isn't much to look at yet, but will have more stuff and goodies added as the process gets closer to publish date.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be posting more articles on Blogger in the coming months, so keep an eye out (although I can't promise they'll be that exciting!).



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