Friday, 3 June 2016

Now available ... everywhere (almost)

It looks like the distributors have got the cogs well and truly turning now. Amazon, Waterstones, BooksEtc and some others are now selling the paperback and eBook on their sites.

I'm just waiting on my printed copies, so I can give them to friends and family, the competition winner (enter now if you haven't) and sell signed copies on my website (at some point in the near future).

If you want to read the first chapter online now, you can have a look here:

Here's a bit of the first chapter:

‘Come on!’
    ‘Come on!’
    ‘You mis’rable bastard! I’ve got money; no good for you is it?’ slurred Borell.
    ‘Look, you’ve had more drink than you can clearly handle. Folk are leaving ’cause of you,’ said the bartender, keeping a cool head.
    ‘Kiss mine, there are other —’
    Borell came to, lying face down on the icy cold autumn pavement outside the pub. The bartender clearly knew how to deal with problem customers. Slowly getting to his knees, rubbing a sore and bleeding head, he could feel the extent of his forceful ejection from the pub in his lower back.
    ‘You have been keeping yourself busy, I see,’ said a voice, towering over him. A tall, silhouetted gentleman wearing a bowler and distinguished clothes was taking a drag from a silver-piped cigarette holder that glinted in the warm light from the gas-powered street lights.
    ‘I can offer you somewhere more comfortable to kneel if you can tear yourself away from the pavement, Borell,’ he said.
    Borell let out a painful breath. ‘You have me at a dis’vantage, sir.’
    ‘We have a mutual acquaintance, which is all I’ll say for now.’ The silhouetted man dropped the cigarette from the holder. ‘We have a job that requires your particular skills. There is a warm bed, pay and all the beer you can drink waiting for you —’ he chuckled ‘— if you complete this task for us.’
    The silhouetted man faded in and out of view as Borell's eyes slowly succumbed to his severe intoxication. He managed two words before passing out completely.
    ‘Why not?’

If this sounds like your cup of (insert favorite beverage here), then you can read the rest of the chapter on my website, or buy the book and read the whole gosh darn thing!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I've now got the first print proof copy in my hands, and it's amazing! Feels very strange having a physical copy of my novel, apart from the ones I'd printed myself.

There are a few little bits to change, such as the size of the blurb text on the back, so it doesn't overlap the page fold, but other than that it's almost ready to go to print!

I've just got the press release from the publisher to agree and then it's the eBook version and physical print run to do. This should all be done by the end of the month, so it'll be available everywhere in May!

You can also read the synopsis and pre-order the paperback on my website now at: if you want to get there first.

When I get the box of advance copies, I'll post another picture (that's what we do these days isn't it?) of the unboxing :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A printed proof in my hands (almost)

Well, I had some good news from my publisher last week. They have the printed proofs back from the printers, and have gone over them for any changes that are needed. I should get my copy today or tomorrow, so will post a suitably cheesy photo of it in my giddy-excited hands at some point.

I also have the ISBNs for each version, paperback, eBook, ePub and PDF. Doesn't mean much at the moment, but does mean things are getting real!!

More when I get the paperback proof!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Almost there!

Almost there!

The quality control copy of the manuscript has been back and forth to the editors a few times in the last month, and that's it ... done! We've sorted out the blurb for the back cover too.

By the end of next week I should have the manuscript back again with all the formatting changes to approve, which means there's a proof copy of the book on the horizon.

Very exciting stuff!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Final Quality Control manuscript back from the editors!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a great New Year? So, I've now had the quality checked draft of the manuscript back from the publisher, and I've gone through the corrections and changes briefly (last night).

It's looking in good shape! There are some errors that crept in, and some corrections that need to be implemented, but on the whole I wasn't expecting too much at this stage. I've read this manuscript too many times, so having two editors going over it with a fine tooth comb, has picked up the errors you simply just overlook when you've read something too many times yourself.

This has brought home the importance of having your work proof read and edited professionally! I don't plan to change anything in the manuscript now, although I have amended a couple of sentences to make things sound better!

Once this process is complete, then there'll be no chance to make more changes, without causing massive delays and incurring costs (as things will be proof printed soon). So I better make sure it's polished!

Anyway, I'll update you when the manuscript has been sent back and the changes implemented, and we get to the next phase of publication!


Thursday, 17 December 2015

The waiting game

Hey, it's been a while (again). I've been busy going over the edits from the publisher, and we've finally finished them!

It's back to them now for the Quality Check, which will hopefully pick up anything everyone else has missed. I should have that back in late January, so will wait and see what that turns up.

Otherwise, the manuscript is looking great! Just need to relax now and enjoy Christmas with the family!

Oh, and if you want something else to read (if you're even reading this), check out my wattpad and the story I've started to write on there. It's unfinished, and in progress. So sign up for free and you'll get notified every time I add a new chapter. I'm trying to write one chapter a week, but don't hold me to that!

I'm also working on a new manuscript, so these little side stories help me to experiment with ideas and writing styles.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

5th edit!

OK, so it's been a while. How are you doing? Really? That's [delete as appropriate] good/terrible!

I said in my last post that I was finishing my 4th draft and getting ready to submit the manuscript to my editors ... yeah stuff happened. Mostly because juggling two young children (not literally) and finding time at the end of the day to write, has been a struggle. I missed out on some writing time on the family holiday, due to ... well not going (kids with chicken pox and border control aren't best friends).

So what have I been doing? Another edit! But, I think this has been only for the best. I've seen lots of things in my writing that I suddenly realised, I didn't like, or didn't read well. I've revisited the dialogue and made improvements there. I've trimmed some of the waffle, which makes the text easier to read. A few changes to the plot and characters here and there, hopefully makes them more believable?

About a year ago I posted a chart showing my word count progress, and I was near the 80k mark (mostly on an upward trend). Since then, I've taken a hatchet to the manuscript, and edited down to just over 70k. Here's an updated chart showing the word count and word change trend.

You can see from this chart, the culls and new material added (well how much of it anyway).

So, what now? A bit more tweaking, then I'm going to have to let this one leave the nest and send it to the editors! I know what I'm like, I'll keep editing until I run out of keystrokes, and I'm keen to get on with something else now. I've got lots of other ideas for novels, and am forcing myself to leave them alone until this one is "in the can".

I'll update when I have something new to tell you (hopefully soon!).