Thursday, 5 October 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017

Well, I decided to do it this year! I'm joining ranks with thousands of other authors across the globe for the (inter)National Novel Writing Month competition.

I have a plan ... well, an outline of a plan ... maybe just an outline of an outline, but it's STILL a plan! So, the big reveal of the novel I'll be writing:

L.I.C.K - Lichfield Ice Cream King

Now before you all jump on the Ice Cream/Ice-cream debate, it's my title alright?! Anyway, that's what you jumped on first? 

I have no idea if I'll be able to make the 50,000 words in November stick, there are lots of things at play here. Well specifically, two little ones at play. My wife is onboard and will push me to stop procrastinating, but whether I'll get 1,613 words written a day in a couple of available hours is up in the air right now.

If you want to know more, here's a brief synopsis of the novel I'm going to write:

The Sirrupa family run it all. From High-quality imports to addictive “street” products. Nothing comes into the country without their knowledge, at least that had been the case until now. An underground movement rebelling against this monopoly will go to any lengths to undermine the Sirrupa domination of the market. The Sirrupa Family also influence power within the Police, Government and food retail, making any disruption to the market nigh impossible.
One man is about to change all this. Known as the Lichfield Ice Cream King to his underground followers, Spencer to his friends, he has been planting the seeds of a confectionary revolution for several years. This Christmas, he plans to take the Family down once and for all. No longer will the public be forced to pay over the odds for their custard creams and bonbons, their eclairs and Pain au chocolat.
A sweet revolution is coming.

So there you have it. A fun novel in the style of Jasper Fforde, Robert Rankin, Terry Pratchett, those awesome guys. 

Normally I'm what they call a "Pantser" or more accurately a "Trouserer" (I'm British). Which has worked okay for my previous novel and other manuscripts I've worked on, but this time I think I need to do a bit of planning.

Okay, so that just used up 380-ish words, so if I can write at least 4 times this much each day, we're golden!

I've also got someone working on a book cover that I'll share when it's ready. This will be for the competition, but there's enough love for it, who knows where it will end.

Best of luck to all NaNoWriMo'ers this year!!!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Delivery issues with UKMail

I had a little delivery issue last week with UKMail. Despite driving 20 miles home at lunch time for the allotted delivery slot, they didn't show. My email to them is below :)


I am very disappointed in the driver who "attempted" to deliver my package today. I was at home before the allotted hour, and watched with baited breath as my new phone stopped at delivery addresses before me, one by one. 

Then I was next!!

Watching from my study window, I can see the entire length of our road and the main road at the end. I waited and watched, "you are the next drop" the website says, I'm drooling with anticipation. Five minutes pass, then ten ... still nothing. 

I refresh your website, and boom ... "Delivery Attempted". What? No it wasn't, there was no sign of a delivery van at all. Had he come onto our road, I would have run like a screaming loon chasing him if he left with my phone.

I am then told that package will be redelivered tomorrow! Something smells a little fishy, and I think it smells like GPS. Looking at the Event Map on your website, shows that a card was left at a property in Ashton Close in Needingworth, a whole 8 miles from my house, as the crow flies!

Could it be that the driver has out dated satellite navigation, probably. Did the driver try and call me? No. Am I now 30 minutes down on my working hours, and 40 miles out of pocket for a wasted trip home? Yes.

It looks like I have a similar time slot tomorrow, but suspect that I will be left wanting again, as the driver won't find the address again as today.

Can you please make sure that the delivery address is checked and that the driver uses some common sense and doesn't just rely on SatNav. Going to the correct village would be a good start, then a quick call to the recipient can clarify the rest. 

Fear not! UKMail and DHL are not alone in the SatNav subscription lottery, this has happened to other couriers, although not for a couple of years!. Our property has been there for nearly 7 years, so no excuse for not having us in the SatNav mapping data.

I have mentioned some of this on Twitter as there is no contact number.

My limit of 2000 characters is now up,


Oh and that message came in at EXACTLY 2000 characters, but then their form complained it was too long (even by their character counter), so ended up deleting some formatting and the last line :(

Boo :(